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"From the day of my first visit with my speech therapist I was put at ease by her calm, professional manner. She explained the process for SPEAK OUT!, asked me about myself, and began working with me as soon as she received an affirmative response that I wanted to go through with the program. She was patient and cheerful with me, and I could tell that she had planned each session with my particular needs in mind. She also helped me with contact information about the Loud Crowd.  While I had good experiences previously, I felt that Abby had tailored our sessions to my particular needs and not just the program. I liked the way everything was tailored to me; she gave me feedback about my progress, and showed me through recording me how I had improved from the first session to the last."


"We had a great experience with Abby. She made Benton feel very at ease and gave him the tools to help reduce his stuttering. I believe Benton benefited from the one-on-one sessions" - JS

"We had a great experience at Advanced Therapy Solutions. Lincoln is 10 months old and suffers from brain injuries sustained at birth. Abby was great at giving us tips and tricks to help us better teach Lincoln how to use her vocals. She sent us home with good techniques to work on everything we needed to. Abby has been the biggest help of any speech pathologist we’ve seen and in 19 months we’ve been through 4. We saw great improvement after our first visit." - Lauren George

Patient Testimonials

"This was a very good experience. The therapy got me to being able to eat a lot faster than I would have. Abby was very helpful with all of my questions. She made it a very pleasant experience, I appreciate her time and knowledge."